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  1. DMM World?

    great responses guys! at least it could be a thought in mind! thanks #bringdmmtoos-scape
  2. DMM World?

    But then it falls into the same category as the other two servers hosted? i just think it could be a fun idea and at least worth a try, you never know, some people may like grinding to pk and getting rewards other than picking up the same stuff spawned inside their own banks already.
  3. DMM World?

    True, good point, but as i logged in i saw both other servers open and sitting at 0 player count and 1 currently logged in, i think there could be many more players into playing DMM than the current economy and realism! good point tho
  4. DMM World?

    Is there ever a chance of a similar like world to DMM 07? this server seems like it would have the perfect player base for 1 set world for people to enjoy and grind up gear up to pk (with higher xp rates and drop chances to keep server alive) client and game is just as smooth and 07 so i think it would run just as good as paying a shitty members fee! LMK what you guys think. THANKS
  5. ironman

    can you make my account an ironman please name is "g 0 l d 3 n" tyvm if possible