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  1. World 2 Suggestions

    Hello this is Arwa. to whoever checks this , i got some Suggestions for the pvp world i would like to share with you " Deadman Mode " i think to make the game more fun do like a deadman mode seasonal with some rewards not big ones but like the winner gets something unique like a rare item or 100k blood money or like 5 mystery boxs something like that , i believe that will make every pker sign up to join it to prove he's the best and don't make it like the pvp game u can get 99 in all make it like the normal os you open as lvl 3 with starter gear you train up add a slayer master make it every weak so people can train up and get items to pk it will be actually fun make every area is hot spot expect banks ____________ " New NPC " anther Suggestion to the pvp you should actually add slayer master with 10% more on the rare's drop rate if you get a task of killing a boss with some rewards like whips and shit in the slayer master shop ____________ " Private boss rooms " make a private rooms to every boss so if 100 wants to do cerberus i hop i spell it right they can go but not for free like you pay 10-50k to join the private room to any boss not the dangerous ones tho ___________ " Gambling " make gambling safe i don't know how to say the Suggestion but hope you understand it make it like stake add a gamble area which when you go there you can right click someone and there 3 options " 55x2 - bj - fp " you both trade add whatever you want to gamble on and if the gambler roll a 56 as example game insta give the winner whatever he won that will make the game better and safe and no need to call a mm and waste his time even if you gonna pay him for that . _________ " Voting " anther Suggestion about voting system vote shop everyone only buys the mystery boxs , i think you should add more rewards like fire cape max cape whips fury torso void dragon defender some untradeable items to it instead of putting it in the shops for blood money that will make everyone vote to get these untradeable items i guess __________ hopefully you guys take some of these Suggestions and think about it i believe it will make the game better and thanks for making this such beautiful RSPS and hope my Suggestions helps you out to make the game better for everyone joins and still playing the game. Bye.