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  1. DMM Tournament [Video] & Winners!

    My boy Brad!
  2. Last Day of OSS

    Even though banter would fly in the air between us, you will be missed. Good luck with what ever you do in the future.
  3. 07 Vid

    I'm still wanting that 3-3! Nice vid mate.
  4. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    Most staff members have done something in the past, doesn't mean they can't prove they are reformed and fit for a staff position.
  5. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    Ayy gz Baws
  6. Eco Cleaning: Items & Refunds

    Jason fucked the whole Eco, he's done worse then Luke and I combined. Yes yes I understand you don't want to give out more economy due to rwting issues blah blah blah. But fuck me I'd take 5% of what was taken from me. Yea I fucked up, but surely you's can give us a second chance.
  7. The Future of OS-Scape v2

    This is why Ben doesn't trust you and you were demoted.. Look at the way you carry on when you're no longer staff loool Thats all I have to say, no one needs to see how unprofessional you are by arguing with the most corrupt ex staff member lmfao.
  8. The Future of OS-Scape v2

    Nice demotion
  9. Brooke/Sit

    I was informed by Mod Theo my accounts Brooke/Sit were unbanned if I agreed to a wipe, I agreed and received a new password for my account "Sit" but not Brooke. I was told I'm unhwid banned but I can't log on as it says my accounts have been disabled. Am I possibly still hwid/mac banned? Cheers.
  10. The Future of OS-Scape v2

    Also I'd like a some sort of partial refund seeing as Jason cleaned me for 150m+ and I know for a fact he had Eco cleaning items. He used the account "gamble" multiple of times.
  11. The Future of OS-Scape v2

    I think it was the best decision for the servers sake, Ben becoming server owner. The guy literally has the best intentions for the server and is a very respectable guy. Shout out to you mate, make OS great again.
  12. hamza spotted or fanboy? (dreamscape)

    Wtf lol?
  13. Nice updates lads, seems like the server is back on track.