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  1. Last Day of OSS

    you didn't say it once you fucking retard. you said it over 3 times in the space of 10 hours every fucking timei logged in u salty cunt. mad bc ur pixels are gone? fucking shit kid l0l are u even good at anything m8?
  2. snapchat please add me

    abudullah? kys u fucking muslim paki l000000000000000000l
  3. Trolling yell on oss remix [GONE WRONG]

    I cant believe u actually spent time creating this then had the audacity to post this. not one person laughed that day. kys.
  4. Last Day of OSS

    Lum and Space should've been demoted not you. lum literally a clueless fucktard who loses his bank FPing then pms you saying "do you know how lucky you are" "I should've won" "I would be up 3m right now" for up to 10 hours lmfao what kind of disabled cunt staff member does this? LOL ty sold that for over 150m 07 retard. He also helped "Cow-Milker" mm RWTs to RB BTW Mr Nh Owns known RWTer. Space is a disabled motherfucker irl LOL sold over 300m under ur noses only reason you found out was bc Cold snitched to you that he bought from me bc I cleaned him yet again. And the only reason you banned MysticBrid and Wey is because of me so don't act like you can find RWTers because I know every major RWTer on this server you will never find. This fucktard doesn't deserve any brownie points he can't catch RWTers for shit, only ones he bans are from people snitching on the Seller's.
  5. No motivation. - Cold

    This retard bought over 50m from me and then snitched. Finally got himself banned because he couldn't take the stress anymore LOOOL
  6. PvP Suggestions

    Please fix dh. If you're gonna change it to a normal price (10k+ each set is realistic) you should wipe all sets ingame to make it fair or else everyone will just buy 100s of sets? imo. But they should defo be 10k+ bc theyre worth nothing atm.. Also PLEASE fix dh.. it's sad that 99 def dhing is so noodled that you have to get 75 to make it like it's 99 on rs.. nobody wants to fight 75 def which is like normal 07 dh its so annoying and makes dhing shit for everyone..

    Risk me 10m?
  8. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    Gj promoting Aveeno to helper when all he does is flame at duel arena
  9. Dragon Claws accuracy..

    They're shit for pures ? Accuracy is dead.
  10. OS-Scape DMM-Style PvP Tournament (8th of September | Friday)

    What's your Username(s)? OVER POWERED What clan are you in? None
  11. The Future of OS-Scape v2

    Heard nothing back from them. Waited 2 weeks. Time to join another server..
  12. [OS-Scape PvP] Da Greatest | Kirkby | Mini Duo Hybrid Video

    Change your username to 'DA WORST'