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  1. How to become a millionaire.

    Wait so will UIM be along with that or naw
  2. UIM challenge

    Basically, you stand alone like any other Ironman. But here's the catch, you cannot bank. You may spawn whatever you need with commands like::nh, ::brid ::pk ::pots ::food etc but you cannot bank. You may access any available shops for you and may duo boss/PVM at your leisure. The only other option you have is going easy mode and reserving a bank tab for 28 items. This would replicate a looting bag since it is not in game atm. The real point of this mode is just to have fun. There is no need to actually follow all these rules. This is just purely for FUN. Gl you peeps I linked a video of my first day as a UIM, and i have to say. Shit was pretty fun. UIM CHALLENGE DAY 1
  3. garage update

    Jesus, I was expecting a picture with some cars in it :/. disappointed 0/10
  4. Basic OS-Scape Price Guide {UNFINISHED}

    Thanks man!
  5. "Someone should make a price guide for all the noobs" -A newb Just a pre-note This price guide is not finished by the slightest and is subject to change at anytime. Please feel free to pm me or talk to me in "Help" cc to change anything on here.\ Ctrl + F - to find whatever Command + F - for macs Miscellaneous 1 Dharok(s): 3-4k Ahrim(s): 3-4k Torags: 3-4k *** Karils: 3-4k*** Verac's: 3-4k *** Bandos godsword: 25k Armadyl godsword: 150-200k *** Saradomin godsword: 25-50k Zamorak godsword: 25k Bandos chestplate: 20-30k Bandos tassets: 40-60k Odium/Malediction ward: 15k(varies) Dragonfire shield: 15-20k(varies) Ancient Wyvern Shield: 20-40k(varies) pegasian/primordial/eternal: (10k-15k),(20-30k),(10-15k) Staff of the dead: 35-k45k Toxic staff of the dead: Armadyl crossbow: 70k *** New crystal shield: Worthless? Kappa (6-8k) Abbysal tentacle: 2.5-3.5k street price Dark bow:500- 600 street price Amulet of fury: 2.5k street price Occult necklace: 2.5k street price Enhanced Rings(Bring,Seers,Archer's): 6-8k Serpentine helm: 20k street price Toxic Blowpipe: 30-40k (varies) Magic Fang: 4-6k Zulrah Scales Armadyl Piece Include(s) Chestplate/skirt: 10-15k EA street price individual pieces varying. Emblem tier 1: 3-4k Emblem Tier 10: 50k Miscellaneous 2: (coming soon) *** These items are ones that were under some miscommunication with the community. Very likely they are wrong and will be changed soon Thank you @help @osrune @pvpreky (wanted to be anon. but have nicknames I guess) @Aasi20
  6. Fucking rip those Dragon Longs. Nice updates keep them coming man!
  7. IronMan REQ

    Was just wondering, and i am speaking for a fair bit of people, when ironman mode will be back open for free usage. just a short thread to ask a general question Also Who loves pie