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  1. What a stupid system

    So, if you kill someone "too quickly", i.e. dealt too little damage to them, then it doesn't count as a proper kill and you don't get bm/ks/killstreak end message from it? What kind of a stupid system is this? It was intended to combat killstreak farmers but the "can't-kill-someone-from-same-IP-in-last-5-mins" system is sufficient for that. More than half my kills pure NHing don't count because I kill them too quickly. What's the fucking point anymore? Get rid of this "Not enough damage dealt to opponent before death" system, it's fucking horrible. No matter what you implement, there will always be a way for farmers to work around it, so stop fucking it up for the 99% of players who aren't farmers.
  2. Dope server

    You realised you're not going to survive so faked a DC lmfao, classic random tactics pvmerboy