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  1. Pontus not helping, Read this

    Pontus is just a rwt flamer, no clue why he's even staff if he gets mod i'm quitting cba with a autist looking at my bank and tryna hack me lul.
  2. What's To Come

    Hope the tourneys happen.
  3. How to become a millionaire.

    I tried this method and ended up staking help me
  4. 100 Kills @ Cave Kraken Results

    Decent loot
  5. Money Making Guide

    Nice guides fam.
  6. Staff update 10/9/2017

    Gratz all except Pomtus.
  7. Retirement - new single team! apply now

    1. Whats Your IGN? my ingame is jason/gambler/kingkush420 2. What Timezone are you? i am universal timezone 3. Previous clans? uhh, garbage bags, shiteaters and animals 4. Do you have Discord, if not are you able to download it? I do have discord but it says $10000 to install 5. Why do you want to join? Because i can 1 tick a 0 way!
  8. First time hybridding

  9. edgepvp 1

    Rambos everywhere, liked the Eden at the end.
  10. DMM Tournament [Video] & Winners!

    Sad to see only teams but still an event,
  11. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    Gratz everyone!
  12. haha?

    Ik those ones
  13. According to Arab this is photoshopped lmao!

    Op down
  14. World 2 expantion.

    All of these suggestions are great, would love to see ::lumbpvp would be a active pk spot imo!