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  1. Agreed man, the voting shop is really basic and could use more items. Also the chance of getting something rare just from voting is dope!
  2. Bruh the game has guilds (maplestory) / the pvp looks like league of legends champions fighting each other
  3. Nice video, especially the edits!
  4. It looks like maplestory / league of legends combined imo
  5. Nice vid, rambo dds specs aswell.
  6. This game looks weird af
  7. Gratz
  8. All good ideas, i think most are in the making though
  9. Thanks, hope you guys resolve this soon.
  10. Tard dealt with this, thanks.
  11. He said 250k drop party in his cc, after i get a pm from yestham saying come nh, me pretty odd right? Then i get tbed, ags speced g mauled and tent whipped and i can't eat because it says "Food is disabled for this clan war". Arab later says in clanchat thanks joggerss. You can find all the information in these pictures thanks!
  12. Hope to still see you on sometimes, bye m8
  13. Nice m8, subbed and liked
  14. All these suggestions are great, will make the new world more challenging and more like the real game!
  15. Nice, was very annoying to deal with.