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  1. First time hybridding

  2. What's your in-game username? JoggerssWhat's clan/team are you in? None obv all ddosersWere you in the previous DMM tournament? What's your discord tag? JOGGERSS #2222
  3. No motivation. - Cold

    Come back bby, got ur stuff
  4. edgepvp 1

    Rambos everywhere, liked the Eden at the end.
  5. Regarding Updates

    Thanks for telling us.
  6. DMM Tournament [Video] & Winners!

    Sad to see only teams but still an event,
  7. Last Day of OSS

    I care ;(
  8. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    Gratz everyone!
  9. haha?

    Ik those ones
  10. According to Arab this is photoshopped lmao!

    Op down
  11. Username(s) Joggerss What clan are you in? None
  12. World 2 expantion.

    All of these suggestions are great, would love to see ::lumbpvp would be a active pk spot imo!
  13. Remove post

    Can someone delete my helper application I can't seem to do it, thanks!
  14. Economy Changes [POLL]

    The bounty hunter target addition would be great imo. Maybe a pkp shop added for killing your target as well? Would bring a lot people into the wildy.
  15. Very nice additions, especially ::skull.
  16. Staff Update (8/30/17)

    Sad to see 3 key staff members go.
  17. We planted at the same tick

    Lmao the chances
  18. Clowns Expose SolidTag for DDoSing

    Solidtag can only ddos pretty sad
  19. The Future of OS-Scape v2

    Any eta on refunds from eco cleaners
  20. Introduction

    Welcome, hope to see great things!
  21. Well then... okay!

    Gratz m8
  22. Donators & Donator Zone

  23. Infernal Capes?

    Bp d bow obv to poor for a t bow