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    If I had 6 yoyos and 3 apples, how many guitars will fit in the boot of your car. None because aliens don't exist. Nah your wrong my leaf collection has nothing to do with how much it used to cost for a pack of lollies in 1978, if that was correct the mirror would be reflecting my clocks favourite door handle. But the cricket with the hat on sang me a love song about the peanut in his pocket. The puddle in the tree was green and I just brushed my teeth with a hole in the window.
  2. DA BEST MAYNE VOLUME 1. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. Eco Cleaning: Items & Refunds

    +1 this quetion tbh
  4. The Future of OS-Scape v2

    Shit like this is fucking pathetic. I Regret ever spending my irl money on this server, and with that being said, I never will again. EVER.
  5. Name: Myla Report: Duel arena bug Items lost: *200K cash *2 brass keys *4x Ags unnoted *5x dharok Sets *d thrown *2x Bandos Sets *1x Armadyl Set (top and bottom) *4x ahrim top/skirt (noted) *4x Mages' book (noted) *2x noted whips *1x Berserker ring (i) *17-something k scales * prims *2x d boot *3x sotd noted (uncharged) I didn't vid because never had to worry about this in the past. Unsure of how to provide proof. Is there away logs can be reviewed?