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  1. Some cool shit

    Yeah, red light district, 50 euro a bang.
  2. Fair enough the max hit is good enough but the accuracy on these things is crazy shit. 90% of time me being in max strength ill spec like 14 max on some kid in mystic..
  3. Inferno Max Cape

    They should, id happily do a straight swap, my max inferno cape for a normal inferno cape.. Ive tried to do the caves since but i cant do it, gets me proper wound up haha
  4. Inferno Max Cape

    I dont play 07 scape so i wouldnt know if you could attach/detach, if i did i wouldnt of attached it in the first place.. Just want me inferno cape back
  5. Inferno Max Cape

    Hi, first off keep up the good work with the new updates youre doing a good job Is there any chance to make the inferno cape and max cape detachable once you've attached it please so i can use it at lower combat levels. I refuse to try and get another cape it took me ages and alot of smashed up keyboards the first time, thank you
  6. Not sure if who ever did these updates has downs or something but im guessing they do, few things; Supply shop, why in the bloody fuck have you limited the max bulk you can buy from 100 too 10? just dosent make any sense.. Was pissed enough when you changed them from 500 too 100 never mind this.. Next, The HP bar why in the world have you made it so that 1hp is complete red bar? the fuck is wrong with you.. i really hope who ever had did they updates has a 10 min alone time in front of the mirror just to question what the hell was going through their head at the time.