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  1. ancient mace

    dont cry its a game if u lose ur +1 go make it back
  2. ancient mace

    we have tested it a lot with different gear and attack styles. it's very weak atm, could u make it more accurate? 8/10 were hitting 0s
  3. Reckless Multi Clan

  4. ign: k 0 friend ign: ownagepk34 (he cant use forums)
  5. #GOONS

    remember when yall lost 2x max sets to a multi team?
  6. Clan Wars Bug

    hope it gets fixed soon
  7. lost password

    been able to log into my account ''k 0'' fine but now somehow the password doesnt work. need a mod to change it and pm 1 of my alts.
  8. duel

    yh oss staking
  9. duel

    ''68 19''
  10. duel

    was staking ''68 11'' for 1m cash, then near the end of the stake my acc could no longer hit him idk why, i didnt click anywhere or anything,
  11. RA LURE VID 4

    neck it

    liddle bit ez
  13. RA LURE VID 4