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  1. No motivation. - Cold

    Sad to see ya go man :{
  2. Black chinchompas(money making) guide.

    Nice guide man!
  3. DMM Tournament [Video] & Winners!

    Gratz to the winners!
  4. Last Day of OSS

    I really didn't talk to you much I Am One, but you were a pretty cool guy man! Best of luck to ya in the future!
  5. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    Gratz guys!
  6. World 2 expantion.

    I love the majority of these ideas man!
  7. Sick updates my man! Keep them coming!
  8. Staff Update (8/30/17)

    Gratz to the new comers and thank you for everything to everyone who was previously on the team.
  9. Well then... okay!

    LOL grats bro
  10. infernal cape drop party

    Good stuff man!
  11. Infernal Capes?

    25 or so in total and like 8:33 my best run so far
  12. First Ironman with Nibbler pet?

  13. 16 or 17 capes in total. Had 10 in the bank and decided to just gamble them and I got it!
  14. Inferno pet with Reaction! :D

    Lol congrats!