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  1. I dont know what to say actually, This is a step for me quitting this server and actually quitting all Rs related games. Im clearly not motivated in playing RS anymore and Os-scape was my main server where i've met really good friends and have had a really really awesome journey! Os-scape have literally been a part of my life for over 1 year, my friends i've met here is unexplainable. I couldn't ask for better/more friends (You know who you are :] ). Since Os-scape have been a part of my hobby/life for over 1 year i can't quit without making a farewell message because i want people to know that im quitting and not asking for me and people waiting for me ingame. I would like to say something extra to some special people below! Bell: You're my absolute favourite admin and you're so funny and u do troll me sometimes aswell! ( I know you will miss Prinsesstårta) Lum:1/2 of my absolutely absolutely favourite friends, I've known you for about 2 years and you have been there for me in any situations trying to help me. I've talked to you among of times and fkin buy microphone bro. Love u <3 Ned Rickard: 2/2 my second bestie,known u for a while now and u are really loyal ingame and on Discord. You must be the funniest guy i've talked with so far and i love it when we play together and talk with eachother! M3hm37: I've known u for a while now aswell, and we've been there for eachother for a while now and talked on discord. You are a brother bro, u will get eco soon <3 Babo0n-Gang: You are a really nice man, Its funny to joke with him about stuff and we have had fun times aswell, Goodluck bro! Wanted X: You're a really funny guy with knownledge, I've known u for a while now aswell and i hope u will get senior soon! (Balak) There's more to say about people that i know, But these people are legends <3 I wish you all goodluck (Players/Staff members) and also goodluck with the updates! I heard the infernal is coming soon and it might come raids so thats awesome! Kindest Regards - Pontus.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3p4mXIwiTE
  3. I'm in FP tourney IGN: Pontus
  4. I'm in IGN: Pontus
  5. gz on promotions!
  6. A few weeks old but gold, Enjoy the 200m+ pot!
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