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  1. Pontus not helping, Read this

    Thank you for taking your time making a report on me, But rarely help ppl on yell. Pm me if u need help or ask in the " HELP " CC
  2. What's To Come

    Ty <3
  3. OS-Scape PvP - Price Guide 10/16/2017

    Something might be wrong, correct us if so!
  4. Not bad but no blowpipe =(
  5. Regarding Donation Refunds

    Shoot Airo a message here and wait for respond
  6. Os-scape as we know it.

    I really agree on the one where we could sell our pk stuff back to the shop!
  7. Basic OS-Scape Price Guide {UNFINISHED}

    Most of the items are priced Correctly, thanks for doing a guide!
  8. Regarding Donation Refunds

    " Within 1 month "
  9. First time hybridding

    First time in my ass
  10. Unusual money making.

    Good made guide, hope it can help players out making money!
  11. 200m+ Bank Video

    Check logs, Wanted X aka Space stole them.