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  1. downloading fail

    Already solved.
  2. OSS Hybridding 6

    Beautiful video as always!
  3. No motivation. - Cold

    Sad too see that you're leaving man,wish you best of luck.
  4. Unusual money making.

    Welcome to unusual money making guide.In this guide ill show you how to make blood money with methods you probably didn't know.These methods aren't best and this is more for iron mans who are struggling to get drops.Lets get started! Elder chaos druids-to get there write ::19s and 5-7 wilderness levels south.Strategy is very simple.You just range them and pray mage.You can grab blowpipe or crossbow.If you ran out of prayer you can pray at altar.You can camp for long time.Don't forget this is multi.Always have charged glory or house teleport so whenever pkers come you can teleport away.Elder chaos druids droping elder chaos robe pieces.This is the reason why you killing them.Elder chaos robes set is about 5-10k and they are used for pures.U can sell elder robes to g.e or players. Elder chaos druids drop table: Hellhounds-to get there pull edgevile lever and run north.Pray melee and kill hellhounds.You can escape by pulling lever or going to magic axes,but you will need lock pick.You can get lock pick from general stores.This method is good if you are iron man and you hunting crystal.Don't forget you can lose your fire cape or torso in 20+wilderness.So better don't take it.You can use any gear even range or melee. Hellhounds drop table: Ice giants/warriors-to get there write ::44s and run north west.Very simple and easy to kill.Don't even need to pray.To escape you will need teleport with obelisk or puill kbd lever and teleport out.This method is good for iron mans for quick whip/gmaul.This is better when abyssal demons.Ice warriors and giants are in same spot. Ice giants drop table: Ice warriors drop table: Methods and tips how to be safe: Don't bring much risk. Always have charged glory.Other wise you can die. Don't afk. You can change gear and combat level. Make sure you go to options and set your "Player attack options" hidden.This way you won't skull. Thanks for watching my guide.This time i maked diffrent and fun guide. Best regards. -Matt.
  5. clip dump

    Beautiful video.
  6. Good luck to those who enter.
  7. This is so amazing! Looking forward. Thank you very much
  8. Welcome to black chinchompas guide.This guide is for money making/rebuilding.People who lose bank or don't have bloods,always struguling to rebuild,loads of players quit,because they don't know how to rebuild.This money making is insane.You can make 90-115k per hour.Lets get started. Gear,inventory and levels set up.You can change levels/inventory/armour set up.Mage defence armour is benefit. Budget-this set up is cheap,this gear is for poor players,who don't have any blood money,who just started/need blood money/cleaned players..More mage defence armour is always better.Max combat set up. Pure/zeker-set up for pures/low combat level players.Combat level 84,defence level 45/prayer level 43/hitpoints level 80. Empty-this set up for people who don't use any tank gear and combat level are very low.You bring more food then brews.Combat level 11/prayer 43/hiitpoints 20. Expierenced-set up for players who have made lots of blood money and are expierenced.Set up for players who are made blood money and wish make more and efiicient.Combat level max.Keep in mind this is set up its not mandatory.U can change dfs to spirit shield/rune kiteshield or anything else.Same with helm,top and body.You can bring 3 items,these items going to be protected and you not going to lose them.This set up is best to tank pkers/teams. How to get there/requirements. There is few requirements for black chinchompas. 73 hunter.You can set your levels at edgevile.Just click on level and write any level you want.1-99.Make sure wear nothing other wise you not going to change levels. Box traps.You can get box traps from supplies store whitch located at edgevile.Box traps are free,you don't need to pay,you can take any amount you want. How to get there. Very simple how to get there,just write ::35s and run south east,and you should see black chinchompas at level 30-33 wilderness. How it works? Everything is very simple.You set box trap and you have to wait until black chinchompa stuck,then it starts shaking click on box trap.Your not going to get black chinchompa,you going to get 140-220 blood money per catch.Whitch makes this money making insane.You can set more box traps to make this method efficient and better.Some times box traps fails,and you need to reset it.Also you can get a pet! When box traps start shaking click on box trap,and you going to get 140-220 blood money per catch. Tips how to make more bm per hour. Use more box traps. Always have charged glory,other wise you will have to run until 20 level wilderness and you can even die. Don't forget to bank. If you got hit just run to level 30 wilderness and teleport with your glory amulet. Don't afk. Morning there is less pkers. Make sure you go to options and set your "Player attack options" and "Npc attack options" Hidden.This way you won't skull and misslick.Whitch will be more easier and safier to hunt chinchompas. Good luck hunting pet and making money! Thanks for watching my money making guide!I hope this guide helped you making blood money! Best regards. -Matt.
  9. PvP Suggestions

    I like idea of dharoks. Thanks for your suggestions.
  10. Last Day of OSS

    Sad too see you go,take care.
  11. DMM Tournament [Video] & Winners!

    Congratulations to the winners!
  12. Staff Update (9/8/17)

  13. OSS Hybridding 5

    Beautiful video man
  14. World 2 expantion.

    Obor-new boss/monster for world 2.To fight with obor you will need get giant key from hill giants.There will be 3 spots to kill them.Edge dungeon and taverly dungeon and of course wilderness hill giants.Wilderness hill giants will have 2x better drop chanse to get a giant key,and that going to make wilderness more active and risker.Obor new boss will be droping:light ballista,imbued heart,hill giant club as rare items and dragon thrownaxe as very rare.This is suggestion so drops/drop rates of course can be changed.Uncommon/common drops will be:dragon 2h sword,dark bow,blood money/blood token,anglerfishes,giant key,dragon boots,dragon javelins,dark crabs and much more. Heavy ballista/light ballista-currently dragon javelins are crashing and useless.Can we see ballistas nerfed?Ballista have too be worth using it can't be too good or too bad.And suggesting adding light ballista for pures/zerkers,add requirements for light ballista so it will be very good for pures/zerkers. Grand exchange notifications/messages.To see if we sold/bought anything. Lumbridgepvp ::lumbpvp,this is will be new area for pures/zerkers.Really wish to see pures/zerkers geting more attention and content. Dragon thrownaxes come back,suggesting it add to donator shop or add to maybe new boss obor drop table. Demonic gorillas-we can't see our demonic gorilla kill count,suggesting add it. Lava dragons-more multi pking/money making.Lava dragons will be droping:dfs,dragon 2h swords,dragon javelins,noted anglerfishes and much more.Lava dragons are weak to mage,wish too see lava dragons added drop table and be reworked.Scorpia is only 1 boss where you mage.Tridents will have more benefits. Grand exchange-suggesting to change g.e teleport location to old school runescape. Eternal glory-im pretty sure u can't get eternal glory from charging glorys,change it. New command-::trust new command too see all trustable and loyalty players.Staff will be able to add players to this. Amethyst arrows-brand new arrows for oss,suggesting to change it and make mining spot at runite rocks.Its multi/solos,dangerous,but worth it.Or just add it to supplies shop for smart price. Venenatis-venenatis is still bugged/glitched suggesting to fixing it and rework drop tables. New minigames-castle wars/last man standing.New minigames with smart and inthresthing rewards will be fun and profitable to play and enjoy it. Dragon 2h sword-suggesting to nerf it and make it easier to get it,add it to shop or add to bosses whitch i suggested.Make usefull for pures. Voting shop-voting/voting shop is forget,nobody votes.Suggestion is add new items: sled,boxing gloves,grand see pot,rune pouch,santa hat,blood token-blood tokens,mystery boxes,rares and much more. Inferno city-wish too see inferno city changes,few more options to achieve tokkuls/obsidian armour.Killing inferno city guards/tzhaars for tokkuls and maybe obsdian armour pieces,infernal eel-tokkul fishing. Donator zone/benefits-we don't have donator zone.Suggesting make 2 donator zones.1st donator zone for 5.00$-250$ donators,and 2nd donator zone for 250$-5000$ donators very unique and amazing donator zone for 250$-5000$ donators.1st donator zone- this is 1st donator zone for 5$-250$ or 5$-500$ donators.This zone is large,::dzone to get here.1st donator zone going to have:donator shop,few monsters,rejuvination pool,angler fishes fishing/rogues chests 1-2 chests.Also good and usefull items in donator zone,something like:ring of wealth,grand see pot,mask of balance,sack of presents and much more.This is the picture of donator zone.To access you will need to be 5$-250$ donator.Keep in mind you not going to be alowed to do everything if you are 5$ donator. Super donator zone-this is the unique and beautiful super donator zone.To access you will need be 250$/500$-5000$ donators.To enter here you will need write::superzone or::sdzone.This unique super donator zone will have:super donator shop,inferno eel fishing/angler fishing and amethyst mining spot.Also this zone will have monsters and much more.Also if you are 500$ donator or more you will be able to do catch black chins with a bit increased blood money.Super donator shop going to have items like:prospecktor mining set for more chanses mining faster/angler fish outfit also it going to help fish better.Also some cosmetics items added to super donator shop.Birthday ballons,christmas crackers,chicken armour ,crack the clue items and cabbage cape these items be beautilful too see added to super donator shop.This is how super donator zone looks like- Don't forget its just suggestions.Feel free to comment what you think about these suggestions and maybe post ideas/pictures of donator zones/super donator zones.Leet me know what you think about it.Not sure how long will take to develop,its up to developers.Thanks for reading my suggestion post. Best regards -Matt
  15. Regarding Bans & Accounts

    Thanks for annoucement,your best Ben.
  16. 01/09/17 Update

    Can we see postbars added back?
  17. Economy Changes [POLL]

    Good stuff,i like it,supporting.
  18. Thanks for updates! Nice leaderboard for inferno.
  19. Staff Update (8/30/17)

    Grats for promotions new helpers!Sad too see loads of members leaving.
  20. W2 Focus Plans

    Thanks for announcement.Good luck inplemeting all.
  21. Introduction

    Welcome man,nice too meet you!
  22. Space Manipulation

    Wow not bad one. Graphics
  23. Well then... okay!

    Grats m8
  24. Few updates that are moronic.

    It droped from 100 to 10,because it was some kind of bug.