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  1. vnice
  2. yeah there's aryan, solidtag+darkgang, few inactive big clans that come on every now and then and some small teams/open cc's
  3. yeah it was a way to prevent ks farm etc. but its broken as fuck i gotten like atleast 60 kills without dyin and it only gave me 8 killstreak lmao
  4. lmfao
  5. good list, shud have more updates on the pvp side too i think
  6. this can be abused easily.. ok so if someone gets fulled at lets say ::graveyard, they'll run to edge and as soon as they reach level 5 edge wild they can just ignore list all the people that are focusing them? + just read that Qip said the same sht too
  7. how many arcanes have u got
  8. fucking how hard can it be to fix the value in wilderness for runes, like half of them count as 1bm each value so if u bring 100k with u, u can atk anyone who has risk protection. also fix ::topic ##### been ages that sht broken too + when u gmaul spec theres a delay when u try teleport why dont u fix shit in the server b4 u start creating new content nd sht
  9. gl pplz
  10. u retards still owe me an arcane for ragging for 4hrs on 4 clients ages ago l0l0
  11. 6
  12. was in my easts setup, i go edge to check if any1 hidin when easts is dead
  13. was ragging bape/solidtag until i got jailed so went on alt and this happened.
  14. u forgot to demote theo