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Found 3 results

  1. Tournaments on a regular basis

    Hey guys just wanted to say how good it was that we had a weekend full of events. Just wondering if this will be done on a regular basis? Like will there be anything this weekend or the weekend after. The dh tournament is a favourite alongside with h and seeks, And clan wars rights. Just wanted to make a post towards it to see if we can keep this going as it gets the community together.
  2. So one day I put a potato in the ge as a joke for 100k and it acc sold l0l0l0l0l0l0l00ll0
  3. Raids (Chambers of Xerics)

    I think its already have been suggested,but i am suggesting full raids.I am suggesting full raids only,because boss only variant will make everybody complaining and mad.Boss only variant will make bosses camped and be so many crashers.Suggesting full raids with all phases and diffrent rooms each time(its up to developers),potions making and including all bosses:Tekton,Vespula,Vanguards,Ice demon,Muttadiles,Vasa Nistirio and Great olm.Suggesting what raids wont be very hard and what wont be way to easy time about 25-40minutes.On W2 we should getting bloods or like 5x dragon boots as raids reward.Be very cool if melee and mage be dominating,not everything ranging and finishing raids.And finaly d axes and d pick will have benefit on w2 dagganoths drops will change too and wildy bosses will be droping dragon pickaxes.Server finaly will get some pvm action,because raids are very fun to do and you make cash too.We are talking about many new players to come and just enjoy raids!