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Found 3 results

  1. So this idiot doesn't understand that I'm not frozen forever, the clown goes to use the bank. I bolt him to dds for the kill. Claims it's photoshopped. I wish I screenshot when he message me in game saying it's photo shopped. Such a retard. (oh and just before someone says something I am using Windows 7 but I prefer XP. This just looks clean to me. I'm oldschool I guess) Some juicy loot, don't pipe again retard you died to a ragger. Next time learn when someone is unfrozen and get a tank helm. Might have saved your from the RNG DDS. I have never met someone to delusional in my life. Here take this for all the bullshit that runs out your mouth boy. Retarded Pretender.
  2. If you pk in edge near the pure/nh zones you know exactly who this kid is. Will flame anyone and everyone who beats him in a fight, makes him tab, etc. Reduced to racism and bullying on extreme levels because he's so egotistical he considers himself "the best pure nher in os-scape" ( his words not mine obv LMAO) Decide to sesh him DIES TO A DBOLT FIRST FIGHT AND LOGS OFF L000000000000000000L ty for max btw 3-0 Remember if youre gonna flame in OSS be able to back it up :-)