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Found 1 result

  1. Last Day of OSS

    Hey everyone, This is my last day playing OSS. The best server I have ever played with an amazing Staff team keeping things moving (even those who are no longer with us). Personally, I been forcing myself to login recently and just been tending my GE merching and a few risk fights here and there. I feel it's just a vicious cycle that i no longer enjoy. The most fun I ever had on this server was being a part of the staff team. I really enjoyed working with you all and look forward to many of you succeeding in life *RIP Helper Guide 2017* There's a lot of you in-game that have my respect and I hope it goes both ways. Some may feel i dislike them but honestly, what's wrong with a little flame : ) The community here have always been the best and I hope to see it grow. I hope everyone who was part of the drop party, trivia and HNS had as much fun as i did! I will probably lurk forums here and there but i made my mind about playing. I wish all of you the best! You may now begin the "nobody cares" "sit ked" "finally!" posts.