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Found 1 result

  1. Rot-Reign of Terror

    Reign of terror Is a old pk community Of rsps we desided to switch rsps to Os-scape becouse its more active we are are a group of friends who just wanted to open a team and destory all those clans who think they are good We want to be able to build a good community with active Clanchat where people can feel free to come a chill out and enjoy there time playing Os-scape. We will be doing pk events in wildy and Fights in singles wars and Big Clan vs clan wars and Wilderness Bosses events regularly to keep things fresh. Our goal is to enjoy the game for what it truly is and Fuck up new clans while doing it. Staff Members Leader's -Rot Owner- -Rot Key- Pk Leader -Rot Owner- -Rot Key- High Council open Council -open- Officer -Dukenukem- -hardtoget- -Doddsy- -Bag Of Kush- Events well update latter Rank Jobs Officer - well update latter Council - well update latter. High Council - well update latter. Reign of terror Rules NO Clan Hopping NO bs. NO Flameing! Listen to Clan if they need help & try be on Pk trips. you well need be tested to make sure we know you know what you are doing. you need discord Clan Chat Once you contact Rot 0wner or our high ranks and get accpeted you well be able to enter the Clan chat [WE ARE ROT] Give me +Reputation if you like This Clan or like the Clan recruitment to Help Support Our Coummilty to make us Bigger!