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World 2 expantion.

  • Obor-new boss/monster for world 2.To fight with obor you will need get giant key from hill giants.There will be 3 spots to kill them.Edge dungeon and taverly dungeon and of course wilderness hill giants.Wilderness hill giants will have 2x better drop chanse to get a giant key,and that going to make wilderness more active and risker.Obor new boss will be droping:light ballista,imbued heart,hill giant club as rare items and dragon thrownaxe as very rare.This is suggestion so drops/drop rates of course can be changed.Uncommon/common drops will be:dragon 2h sword,dark bow,blood money/blood token,anglerfishes,giant key,dragon boots,dragon javelins,dark crabs and much more.
  • Heavy ballista/light ballista-currently dragon javelins are crashing and useless.Can we see ballistas nerfed?Ballista have too be worth using it can't be too good or too bad.And suggesting adding light ballista for pures/zerkers,add requirements for light ballista so it will be very good for pures/zerkers.
  • Grand exchange notifications/messages.To see if we sold/bought anything.28e08604f7ecc1ade5cefb7fb45755c8.png
  • Lumbridgepvp ::lumbpvp,this is will be new area for pures/zerkers.Really wish to see pures/zerkers geting more attention and content.
  • Dragon thrownaxes come back,suggesting it add to donator shop or add to maybe new boss obor drop table.
  • Demonic gorillas-we can't see our demonic gorilla kill count,suggesting add it.
  • Lava dragons-more multi pking/money making.Lava dragons will be droping:dfs,dragon 2h swords,dragon javelins,noted anglerfishes and much more.Lava dragons are weak to mage,wish too see lava dragons added drop table and be reworked.Scorpia is only 1 boss where you mage.Tridents will have more benefits.
  • Grand exchange-suggesting to change g.e teleport location to old school runescape.
  • Eternal glory-im pretty sure u can't get eternal glory from charging glorys,change it.
  • New command-::trust new command too see all trustable and loyalty players.Staff will be able to add players to this.
  • Amethyst arrows-brand new arrows for oss,suggesting to change it and make mining spot at runite rocks.Its multi/solos,dangerous,but worth it.Or just add it to supplies shop for smart price.
  • Venenatis-venenatis is still bugged/glitched suggesting to fixing it and rework drop tables.
  • New minigames-castle wars/last man standing.New minigames with smart and inthresthing rewards will be fun and profitable to play and enjoy it.
  • Dragon 2h sword-suggesting to nerf it and make it easier to get it,add it to shop or add to bosses whitch i suggested.Make usefull for pures.
  • Voting shop-voting/voting shop is forget,nobody votes.Suggestion is add new items: sled,boxing gloves,grand see pot,rune pouch,santa hat,blood token-blood tokens,mystery boxes,rares and much more.
  • Inferno city-wish too see inferno city changes,few more options to achieve tokkuls/obsidian armour.Killing inferno city guards/tzhaars for tokkuls and maybe obsdian armour pieces,infernal eel-tokkul fishing.
  • Donator zone/benefits-we don't have donator zone.Suggesting make 2 donator zones.1st donator zone for 5.00$-250$ donators,and 2nd donator zone for 250$-5000$ donators very unique and amazing donator zone for 250$-5000$ donators.1st donator zone- this is 1st donator zone for 5$-250$ or 5$-500$ donators.This zone is large,::dzone to get here.1st donator zone going to have:donator shop,few monsters,rejuvination pool,angler fishes fishing/rogues chests 1-2 chests.Also good and usefull items in donator zone,something like:ring of wealth,grand see pot,mask of balance,sack of presents and much more.This is the picture of donator zone.To access you will need to be 5$-250$ donator.Keep in mind you not going to be alowed to do everything if you are 5$ donator.e25aeb7670e43c7ee5cdb3722eb11860.png


  • Super donator zone-this is the unique and beautiful super donator zone.To access you will need be 250$/500$-5000$ donators.To enter here you will need write::superzone or::sdzone.This unique super donator zone will have:super donator shop,inferno eel fishing/angler fishing and amethyst mining spot.Also this zone will have monsters and much more.Also if you are 500$ donator or more you will be able to do catch black chins with a bit increased blood money.Super donator shop going to have items like:prospecktor mining set for more chanses mining faster/angler fish outfit also it going to help fish better.Also some cosmetics items added to super donator shop.Birthday ballons,christmas crackers,chicken armour ,crack the clue items and cabbage cape these items be beautilful too see added to super donator shop.This is how super donator zone looks like-


Don't forget its just suggestions.Feel free to comment what you think about these suggestions and maybe post ideas/pictures of donator zones/super donator zones.Leet me know what you think about it.Not sure how long will take to develop,its up to developers.Thanks for reading my suggestion post.

Best regards


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All of these suggestions are great, would love to see ::lumbpvp would be a active pk spot imo!

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I can see alot of effort has been put into this, many great ideas that i would like to see implemented in the next update!

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