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OS-Scape Clip Competition - Ended


This competition will be based around who can bring out the most prestigious and the most INSANE kills on OS-Scape. I will be the judge and will pick the winners for each category; here are the following categories you can enter with.

Any types of hybridding e.g. main bridding.

Pure Pking (No honor hybridding will increase your chances)

Veng Pking - the way I'll determine the winner of this category, will be by comparing the value risked and the risk taking.


Aveeno - 1,000,000 Blood money

BABO0ON-GANG - 1,000,000 Blood money

Pontus - 1,000,000 Blood money


OS-Scape must be in the title of your video, all responses are uploaded to youtube. To enter, simply reply with the video response to this topic.

Event ended early due to the lack of video responses

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