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    good stuff
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    PvP Armour box

    Thank you for your suggestion. We'll be adding the PvP armour box in the webstore.
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    Damn, I got killed.
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    Pking #19 (osscape)

    Dope shit!
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    Woodcutting Guide

    We need more guides!!!
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    Why is my burning ammy temporarily disabled?

    Hi, It has been disabled due to a bug. It will be enabled upon the next update! Stay tuned.
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    9 Years

    Sick! Are you trying for Youtuber rank?
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    Welcome Back!
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    Update Log #1 (Raids 2, ELO & More)

    + Raids 2 Items We've added all raids 2 items/gear with its functionality and stats. Raids 2 items are available through the event bosses in the wilderness. With this addition we'd also like our community to visit our poll regarding PvP armours here...
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    Server Maintenance

    Hi, We have updated the server check out our update log at: This will include: Raids 2 Items ELO System Rank Benefits Wilderness Skilling & more Thank you.
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    [09/24/2018] Staff Update

    Welcome to the staff team :)
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    Server Maintenance [Back Online]

    We've fixed the issue disconnecting other players. Server is back online. We'll be hosting a HP event every hour starting 5PM CEST. Rewards ranging from Elysian Spirit shield, ancestral & more.
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    Whats good

    Hey, welcome!
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    Oogie PK VID 14

    Actually poggers.