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    My resignation

    You will be missed! :(
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy new years <3
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    [12/30/2018] Staff Update

    kut kinderen
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    A few suggestions

    We are working on a blacklist system currently.
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    Discord Event

    Hello OS-Scape, Whoever invites the most players to the official OS-Scape discord will receive free 07GP! Depending on the amount of players you invite, you'll get more! We'll be tracking your invite link, for the most members invited. You will be paid per member you invite. Max Payout: 250M...
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    Christmas Sale (30% OFF)

    Hello OS-Scape, To celebrate christmas, we've decided to discount all credit purchases till the end of the year! By checking out through BMTMicro, you'll automatically receive 30% OFF. The webstore has also received a slight change. Newest addition to the webstore: PvP Equipment Box (Able to...
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    Tournament System

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    good stuff
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    PvP Armour box

    Thank you for your suggestion. We'll be adding the PvP armour box in the webstore.
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    Damn, I got killed.
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    Pking #19 (osscape)

    Dope shit!
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    Woodcutting Guide

    We need more guides!!!