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    How can we revive this server?

    Make wilderness active/incentive for actual solo players, ely is the only option for actual solo players to pk/tribrid in max gear hence teams will fall in on players for spawn sets
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    Smoke 3 - Wafflegang Reopens To Hunt Venezuela

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    Mini Pk Vid 2

    Terrible rng this time around didn’t wanna let these clips rot on my hard drive
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    Hunter Guide

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    Smokes Slayer Suggestions

    What im getting at essentially is, slayer should be a DECENT source of income and should be relatively painless for low skill pkers or kids who just started and dont just wanna camp Battle Mages.
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    Smokes Slayer Suggestions

    1. Add more spawns for certain wilderness slayer tasks monsters that are assigned over 100+ (black demons, greaters) also unlock Edgeville slayer dungeon considering that is the wilderness as well. 2. Agility Xp should increase with level not stay static from level 1 3. Add a way to upgrade...
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    First Player on OS-Scape with Max Cape :D

    anyone know who was first?
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    Hi, im Blaze

    welcome brudddaa!