[04/04/2018] ...and more bug fixes!


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Hi guys! Just a quick update to patch up some additional bugs.
  • You can now mine ores when jailed
  • You can no longer use mutagens on charged serpentine helmets
  • Removed the thieving level requirement for the axe & pirate hut inside the wilderness
  • Added pet drop changes to the drop table viewer
  • Previous teleport options will now save on logout
  • Fixed an issue related to the mage bank lever
  • Shops will now give noted items if available and requested quantity is greater than free inventory slots
  • Removed slayer level requirement from PVM
  • Fixed Zulrah loot placement
  • Teleblock now skulls the caster
  • Quest tab statistics will now update after killing a player
  • Fixed the drop table for Kraken
  • Added a drop table for Runite dragons, adamant dragons and ancient wyverns
  • Added the wilderness board, on the north side of Edgeville bank
    • allows you to view local K/D ratios
    • ability to toggle kill/death wilderness overlay
    • ability to reset your K/D ratio
  • You can no longer use objects while stunned
  • Fixed an issue related to the dragon defender drop notification at the Warriors Guild
  • Tekton now announces when a player gets an item off the rare drop table
As always, thank you so much for your support guys. We're working extremely hard to fix all the known bugs and will be starting some new content shortly. Hope to see you all online!

The OS-Scape team.