(05/03/2019 97:30PM GMT) Mystic Barrows Hybrid Tournament / HP Event


New member
Today we will be hosting Two Events!

A) Mystic Barrows Hybrid Tournament
We will start the events with Mystic Barrows Hybrid Tournament. To enter the tournament, you must hop over the crushed spears at home.

Prizes will be :
1st place:

500K BM

2nd place:
250k BM

3rd place:
100k BM

B) HP Event
The HP Event will start 15mins after the tourney is over.

(If you're unsure about what the HP event is, it's where an administrator has a full inventory of loot . The administrator will have infinite hitpoints for around 5 mins and the person who manages to do most damage to him will grab some loot. But that doesn't mean that the killer will run away with the loot, it's a survival of the fittest type of event.)​