[05/14/2018] Wilderness Hotspots, Bloody Volcano, Rev Caves Revamp, Bug Fixes, QOL and More!


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Hi guys! Here are the updates from the past few weeks! Sorry we didn't get these out sooner. We've been working really hard on the tournament system! If you're unaware of the development on the tournament system you can view the development diary thread here. Please keep in mind you'll be able to see the tournament home design on the live game but if you attempt to interact with anything it'll send you a message saying, "The tournament system is still in development. Please try again later.". I thought it would be neat to push the design and get some feedback.

Wilderness Hotspots:
We're hoping that this update will provide a variety of different combat types and help make different areas of the wilderness active. Every 20 minutes the wilderness hotspot will rotate between:​

  • Edgeville
  • Magebank
  • Deserted Keep
  • East Dragons
  • West Dragons
  • Level 44 Obelisk
  • Level 50 Obelisk
  • Graveyard
  • Demonic Ruins
Killing players in the wilderness hotspots will not only give double blood money, but also a 50% increased chance of getting a bloody key drop. If you have any suggestions on additional hotspot areas, or other incentives for players to fight in these areas, please post them in the suggestions area.​

Bloody Volcano:
The first of many wilderness events we plan on adding. The Bloody Volcano will become active after 100 players have died inside the wilderness. When the Volcano becomes active, a medium sized boulder (there are plans of adding small and large) will be spawned. Mining this boulder gives anywhere from 15 to 30 fragments. The boulder has 10,000 fragements in it before stability reaches 0 and the volcano is subdued. Sigmund will purchase these fragments for 7 blood money each. Whichever player has the most fragments after the volcano is subdued will get a bloody key drop. Be careful when mining the boulder though, as it's not only in multi-wilderness, but sometimes chunks of the boulder get chipped off which can deal anywhere from 10-30 damage on the tile. Keep an eye open for the warning message: "You see something break off the boulder.". If you see that message, you've only got a few seconds to move before you take damage.​

Bug fixes, additional content and QOL changes:
  • Revamped the granite maul special attack
  • Added killcount tracking for vorkath, battle mages, skotizo demonic gorillas and ancient wyverns
  • Staff of light now gives 15% magic damage
  • Added the safe PVP portal back to home
  • Made some adjustments to the revenant drop table
  • Increased dragon scimitar special attack accuracy by 25%
  • Ring of suffering is now lost on death
  • Fixed ancient teleports
  • Demonic gorillas have been removed from the wilderness
  • Fixed godwars NPC drops
  • You now need the appropriate runes to cast vengeance
  • Teleblock skull bug has been fixed
  • Ranged ware shop changes
    • Opal dragon bolts, ruby dragon bolts, diamond dragon bolts, onyx dragon bolts, opal dragon boots and dragonstone dragon bolts have been added for 5 BM
  • Robes of darkness now require 40 magic and 20 defence to equip
  • Consumable ware changes:
    • Anguish ornament kit has been added for 5,000 BM
    • Revenant cave teleport has been added
    • Super combat potion(4) price reduced from 30 -> 15
    • Stamina potion(4) price reduced from 20 -> 15
    • Anti-venom(4) price reduced from 25 -> 10
    • Dark crab price reduced from 25 -> 15
    • Anglerfish price reduced from 50 -> 40
  • Leaf-bladed battleaxe has been added to the melee wares
  • Royal seed pod has been added to the untradables shop for 25k
  • Voting store changes:
    • Royal seed pod price reduced from 80 -> 10 points
    • Rune pouch has been added for 10 points
    • Evil chicken outfit has been added
    • Chicken outfit has been added
    • Bunny ears and feet has been added
    • Black wizard (g) and (t) has been added
    • Fancy boots have been added
    • Mudskipper hat and flippers have been added
    • Chicken & fox has been added
    • Music cape & music cape (t) have been added
    • Rainbow scarf has been added
    • Jester hat & scarf, tri-jester hat & scarf, bobble hat & scarf and wolly hat & scarf has been added
    • Pyromancer robes have been added
    • Red & blue boxing gloves have been added
    • Monkey has been added
  • Changes to the item protect values:
    • Dragon claws -> 50k
    • Elder maul -> 40k
    • Dinh's bulwark -> 40k
    • Necklace of anguish -> 15k
    • Store credits -> 1.5k
    • Amulet of torture -> 20k
    • Spectral spirit shield -> 70k
  • Team cape shop as been added just south of the edgeville wilderness ditch
  • Mac located in the shopping area now sells skillcapes
  • Players can now set any stat by clicking on it on the stats tab
  • You can now use the magic skillcape spellbook inventory option
  • Fixed the magic skillcape spellbook swap animation and graphic
  • Fixed revenant cave entrance/exit spamming to negate damage
  • Royal seed pod has been sped up
  • Fixed damage being nullifyed from climbing up and down ladders
  • Added blessed saradomin sword special attack
  • Fixed dragon dagger special attack for PVP (no longer rounds down)
  • Corporeal beast drop table changes:
    • Ely drop rate from 1/1080 -> 1/800
    • Arcane drop rate from 1/540 -> 1/400
    • Spectral drop rate from 1/540 -> 1/400
    • Guaranteed blood money from 100-250 -> 250 -> 500
  • Kalphite queen has been added to the wizard's teleports
  • Revenant cave northern entrance has been added the the wizard's teleports
  • Fixed multiple bugs with the kalphite queen
  • Added kalphite guardian and worker combat scripts
  • Added a buy-x option to the store (capped up to 50,000)
  • Added a redeem-all and redeem-x option to voting reward tokens
  • Added events category to the player journal
    • Added wilderness hotspots
      • Killing players in a hotspot provides double blood money drops
      • Hotspots change every 20 minutes
      • Clicking the subcategory will pop up additional information on hotspots
      • You'll be notified in game when you enter/leave a hotspot
      • Double chance of getting bloody keys inside hotspots
    • Added wilderness boss spawn timer to the player journal events
      • You can now view how long until the wilderness boss spawns
      • You're also able to click it to see where the boss is located and which boss is spawned
    • Added wilderness volcano kills remaining
  • Beautified wilderness related announcements
  • Teleporting with the royal seed pod will not reset freeze timers
  • Changes to revenants:
    • Combat scripts have been added
      • They now use ranged, magic and melee attacks
      • They now have a chance of healing if their hitpoints fall below 50%
    • Drop table changes:
      • Dihn's Bulwark has been removed
      • Elder maul has been removed
      • Jar of decay has been added 1/5000->1/10,000 which sigmund will buy for 100k
      • Tons of other additions, for more information please examine the NPC
    • Bracelet Of Ethereum can now be charged
      • Revenants will be tolerant while a charged bracelet is worn
      • Immune to damage from revenants, with 1 charge being consumed per attack
  • Bracelet of Ethereum can now be dismantled for 1,000 revenant ether
  • Twisted bow damage and accuracy modifiers have been rewritten
  • Player visibility is now reset on death (fixes a clan-wars spectating bug)
  • Added jar of decay and twisted buckler to rare drop announcement
  • Drop table interface changes:
    • Broadcast type is now displayed
    • If an item name is too long and overlaps the broadcast message, it'll remove the broadcast status
  • Player and NPC attack options will now save on logout
  • Fixed the wilderness interface breaking if you entered a PVP instance and then went into the regular wilderness
  • Deleting presets will no longer break your quest tab
  • Guards at Varrock PVP are no longer aggressive
  • You will no longer be damaged by poison inside duels

Staff Changes

Maxwell has been demoted from

Orse has been promoted to
Rickard has been promoted to
Vocal has been promoted to
Zonox has been promoted to

In other news, OSRS donation value has been altered from $1.15 per million 07 gold, to $0.80 per million 07 gold. This is to reflect the current gold value on Runescape. If you're interesting in making a store purchase using OSRS please contact an owner. We're also going to be revamping the store really soon. As always, thank you so much for playing, guys. We really appreciate all your support. If you have any suggestions or bug reports, or don't see something you expected on this please, please create a thread in appropriate section or post below. Thanks! :^ )
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