[11/06/18] Bug fixes from previous update


Hello OS-Scape,

This update serves as a followup from previous update along with some quick fixes.

  • A bug causing the following items to disappear while charging have been fixed:
    • Dragonfire shield
    • Dragonfire ward
    • Ancient wyvern shield
    • Ethereum bracelet
  • Morrigan's javelin Phantom Strike reoccurring damage will no longer stack in multi combat areas when multiple users attack the same target. This means a single target will no longer be spammed with reoccurring damage after being hit with several Morrigan's javelin specials.
  • Blessed saradomin sword has received the following changes:
    • It will now drop on death when expected to.
    • It will breakup into a saradomin's tear & saradomin sword upon being dropped on death.
    • The special attack has been corrected. It will now roll against the target's magic defence as opposed the target's melee defence.
  • You can no longer skip your bounty target while being in combat.
  • An arrow icon will now display over your bounty target's head upon receiving one.
  • An arrow icon will now display over your duel target's head.
  • You can now filter your bounty target more selectively.
    • You may speak to the emblem trader at home to toggle this feature.
    • Upon filtering, you will only receive targets under 10 wilderness. This allows players to not receive targets who are in deep wilderness however it can be turned off by speaking to the emblem trader again.
  • Various animation bugs reported have been fixed.

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