Hunter Guide


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is a skill where players catch different animals and creatures around OS-Scape.

Like any other skill on OS-Scape, you can profit through this activity as Sigmund The Merchant will offer blood money for the chinchompas.

Head over to the Skilling Expert and buy 3 bird snares & 4 box traps.

Also buy a cemetery teleport from Consumable Wares since you will need it later.

It is possible to set more than one bird snare and box trap depending on the level you are in the Hunter skill:

Level 1: 1
Level 20: 2
Level 40: 3
Level 60: 4
Level 80: 5

Hunting Areas

Crimson swift
Level: 1-9

Copper longtail
Level: 9-53

Grey chinchompa
Level: 53-63

Use the cemetery teleport and head south east to level 26 wilderness until you see the grey chinchompas. From here head east and you will see the birds.

Red chinchompa
Level: 63-73

Teleport to ::easts and head west. The area is multi-combat.

Black chinchompa
Level: 73-99

Teleport to ::35s and head east. The area is single & multi-combat.