Issue in the community.

VipeR PK

New member
My rsn is “VipeR PK” but this post isn’t about myself, it’s about my friend “Weed2Blaze”. I’m posting on his behalf because he doesn’t know how to navigate forums. He was taken advantage of by a player named “king imbwa”.
Weed pked him for an Elysian spirit shield yesterday, and we were freaking out in discord. Imbwa was panicking and crying sayin it was “Wanted”s ely, wanted is an admin on OSS. Imbwa was freaking out saying he may be banned, and weed may suffer consequences as well if he can’t buy it back.
Imbwa offered extremely low, and the only reason I said to do it is because wanted is my buddy, and just to sell it to him cheap because it’s all he’s got and wanted is hella cool with me and we don’t want any trouble with him or ourselves because it wasn’t imbwa’s ely. However none of this was the case...
Imbwa social engineered and lied so he could buy back the Ely for cheap. He used an administrator’s name to persuade getting his ely back for 1m+ cheaper when in reality he has a lot more.
My question is this; will weed2blaze be refunded/get paid in full, or are we allowed to extort staff for financial gain/deals?