Next update: Wilderness Slayer, Keys

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In the next update we will be revamping Wilderness Slayer:
  • New tasks
  • New NPC spawns all over the wilderness
  • Emblems will be worth more Bm when traded to Sigmund
  • All NPCs on task will have a chance of dropping a new Wilderness Key, which can be opened at the Shipwreck at 55 wilderness.
  • Slayer rewards shop will have more items in.
  • New items!
We have updated the cache with the newest Items and Npcs from Oldschool, these will be introduced to the game in upcoming updates.

The client has been updated to fix "Could not load configuration" error caused by connection issues with the website. You only need to re-download if you are having problems loading the client.
The website migration should go live by the end of next weekend to solve the website connection issues.

New rare revenant items:

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