Patch notes - Jan 4th 2020

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Happy New Year everyone!
We hope your year has started off well.

Since release the team has been addressing some issues which have come to light post-reset which were unplanned for, and this is where our time was spent on release weekend, and sadly the website issue is still on-going and being investigated.

We know this isn't the massive update you've all been waiting for, and it's been a downer having to deal with these problems that were previously fine. We've made an investment to address web systems so that the game can get the attention it deserves.

In the mean time, these patches are for the short-term while we work on the larger changes coming to the game.

  • Improvements to messages and working of Risk Protection
  • Rune pouch, seed pod, hunter hats, legends cape, ardougne cape is now always kept on death.
  • Fix items that break on death (untradables) protecting over normal items due to their high BM price. These are always kept (but broken) under 20 wild, and lost over 20.
  • Raise the limit on the price checker
  • Teleblock is cleared on logout
  • If you die and have teleblocked people, those teleblocks will fade away
  • Demonic Gorillas have move back to their older wilderness spot
  • Seed pod price has been reduced by 15k bm
  • Fix an issue with item sets
  • Revert an earlier change to donor icon/rank calculations.. $5 is now $10, and $100 is now $50.
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