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Reading the title of the post you may think I’ve got myself arrested or something like that, however in my opinion it couldn’t be much worse. Using eyetracking software that the hospital provided for me to communicate to write this so excuse the errors please.

Getting off a late shift at work last night on the way home I was hit head on by a drunk driver at roughly 60mph I would assume. The incident ended in me in the hospital screwed completely and the other guy running off, I have no clue if he was caught. I ended up with several several broken bones, Nerve damage in my neck (x-ray came back and i have a broken neck). 3 broken ribs, 4 broken verterbra, a metal rod through one of my lungs, Shattered Collarbone, Broken Nose, and some other minor injuries. Currently living off being given oxygen and water. (3 surgeries later i can move my hands again still not gone through sugery for my lung. I will not be contacting anyone personally except my family regarding what happened. I have no clue as to when i will be released but it probobly wont be for wuite awhile due to how much surgery and recovery i will need.

I dont think Ill be posting anything else about this because I want to leave this where it is now. Please do not Drink and Drive or drive distracted because you’re not only putting yourself in danger but other people as well. Please stay safe and make choices that dont damage yourself and others.

In the mean time ill be handing off my account to old friend of mine who has never played Oss.

Yes this is a Permanent Departure. Peace out drive safe. Shoutout to Mikko