Revenant Weapons

Veloso 11

New member
Hello there,

I would like to suggest the 3 pvp weapons, Craw's Bow, Viggora's Chainmace and Thammaron's Sceptre. (They only work in the Wilderness)
These could be useful for wilderness slayer to get faster XP/Hr since it is quite slow.
If these weapons would be dropped by the Revenants, it would mean that these would be more active aswell.
To make sure there aren't coming tons into the game of, make them sellable to Sigmund the Merchant for 100K bloodmoney.
As soon as these weapons are added into the game, please make ether buyable from a store for like 1-2 bm per ether.
I think this is a solid suggestion, if anyone wants to add/edit something to the suggestion, please let me know down below :)

Thank you in advance,
Veloso 11 (sorry bad english I'm venezuelan)