The Fall of Anti Foreign Forces (aryan, solidtag, impact & kings)


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Ever since our return to OS-Scape it has been nothing but pure terror. With the new bloodline of teams that have just emerged such as impact and kings trying to give us a little taste of what they're capable of on our game. They thought that the more people they had the better chance they had of them getting any sort of kills on us. Sorry to break it to you, but it is quality > quantity and it has always been like that with Foreign Forces.

Part 1: The initiation of the merge

Anti-FF took a while to finally mass up to come and fight us. Knowing we were outnumbered we we're certain that their member quality is nothing compared to ours. The fight lasted for about two hours with them losing numbers one by one due to the amount of kills we've gotten completely demoralizing their their confidence in them ever landing a kill on Foreign Forces.

The Kills on Anti-FF:

Part 2: Second Stage; solidtag re-opens

As I predicted this Sunday, solidtag we're bound to have a trip and split off with the so-called kings team. They though this would be better for them knowing that they are back with their old crew. Sadly that wasn't case and history repeats itself yet again.

Part 3: impact

This so-called team 'impact' that are a new breed of dawntained hybrids and pure hybrids think they can all of the sudden come at Foreign Forces in a fight. They we're prepared for what was about to happen. Inexperienced pkers staying on games with broken combats and 0 tick games. Here was the outcome.

You can try again impact, but you won't succeed.


dear diary: this was a fucking feast

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Look at CX taking all that damage from me and not resetting in portal/re-logging in attempt to run back up and loot their stuff back, broke bums.