Tournament System


Hello OS-Scape!

So this update was much awaited and long overdue to say the least. I want to apologize on my behalf for this update taking so long as well as lack of communication that you all deserved. This update was rather on the lengthier side due to all the data I had to collect but shouldn't have been this long overdue. First off I wanted to clarify that we did change names of the system due to confusion of calling it a "battle royale". This isn't a free-for-all type minigame as it is more focal to bracket-based fights until a single winner remains. Anyway, let's get right into it.


The overall objective of the tournament system is simple: WIN. The tournament system is an activity to showcase your skills in combat. All players are given identical gear, inventory and level setups to allow for a equal chance and remove any unfair advantages in fights. The last man standing is awarded the total prize pool of blood money. The prize is blood money by default however, staff may host specific tournaments and offer unique prizes!
  • The tournaments
  • The equipment, inventory and level presets are all unique based on the randomized tournament selected.
    • Administrators may select a specific preset while hosting a tournament event, otherwise it's randomized.
  • The amount of blood money awarded is dependent on the amount of players participating within the tournament.
    • If 4 players or less are participating then a prize of 10K blood money will be awarded to the winner.
    • If 8 players or less are participating then a prize of 20K blood money will be awarded to the winner.
    • If 9 player or more are participating then a prize of 35K blood money + 1,500 blood money per additional participant will be awarded to the winner.
    • There is no entry fee to participate!
  • A fog system will take into effect after 6 minutes of fight time. This is to keep tournaments moving along on a smooth pace and prevent anyone from afking within a fight.
    • The fog timer resets every round.
  • Players who did not join the tournament or became eliminated may spectate fights by clicking the viewing the orb located near the lobby area at Edgeville.
  • The final fight will be teleported to the grand arena and announced globally throughout the world.

This whole system is in its early stages and is open to any feedback or suggestions to improve! We thank you for your continuous support and hope to see you online participating.