Update Log #1 (Raids 2, ELO & More)


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+ Raids 2 Items

We've added all raids 2 items/gear with its functionality and stats. Raids 2 items are available through the event bosses in the wilderness.
With this addition we'd also like our community to visit our poll regarding PvP armours here: http://forum.os-scape.com/index.php?threads/pvp-armours.1211/
Note: Some items require charging/fixing with blood money.

+ ELO Rating

As a PvP server we feel as though it's lacking reward in the competitive scene of player killing. Therefore we're introducing a new ELO rating system designed for competitive PKers.
Everyone will start at ELO: 1300. You will receive points based on how high/low your opponent is scored in ELO rating.
ELO rating will be reset every month and top 5 will receive rewards (OSRS GP).

Top 1-5: OSRSGP (Not decided yet)

There will be 5 winners every month.

+ Wilderness Skilling

Wilderness skilling has been disabled for a while, we've heard countless of suggestions to add it back.
We now have 5 skills working on the wilderness which is: Slayer, Hunter, Woodcutting, Thieving, Fishing and Mining.
We will probably add more skills in the wilderness in the future. Regarding skilling outside the wilderness, it's something we'll have to discuss with the community since this is a PvP server.
Skilling in the wilderness will be profitable, but risky. You can sell your materials you receive to Sigmund.

There are also new spots for wilderness skilling. Such as a fishing spot, dark crab spot, new hunter area & more. We will release a guide shortly after the update log is out.

+ Looting Bag

Players can use the Open option, which makes every tradeable item picked up go straight into the looting bag whilst in the Wilderness.
Once players have looted their desired items, they can use the Close option to have items go into the inventory instead.

+ Rank Benefits

We have discussed this many times and we've noticed that rank benefits were lacking.
You now have benefits based on your rank, it wont be that useless anymore!
If you have any suggestions regarding benefits for ranks, let us know.

- Added bank support for ultimate rank.
- 2.5% increase drop chance for blood keys per rank.
- 2.5% increase in blood money per kill per rank.
- 2% drop rate increase to receive a pet per rank starting from Super.
- All ranks heal box cooldown reduced by 3 seconds.
- 5% increased in slayer points starting from Legendary rank, ultimate gets 15% increase.
- You will be receiving 5% more ores at bloody volcano per rank.

+ Item Resets (NOTE: You get 65% of shops value back in blood money.)

A lot of players wanted a full economy reset, but I am very against that. We feel as though all it needs is a small reset and some adjustments to the shop prices.
You'll receive 65% of the shops value from the items that were reset. And for the items that weren't in shop, are set slightly lower than street prices.
This is the best of both worlds. I can assure the community that from now on, there wont ever be a reset again. And economy reset is a huge no no.

Items that were reset:

- Archer's Ring
- Ring of Suffering
- Tormented Bracelet
- Necklace of anguish
- Amulet of Torture
- Amulet of Damned
- Occult Necklace
- Armadyl Helmet
- Armadyl Chestplate
- Armadyl Legs
- Armadyl Crossbow
- Toxic Blowpipe (empty)
- Toxic Blowpipe
- Dragon Warhammer
- Abyssal whip tentacle
- Armadyl Godsword
- Saradomin Godsword
- Abyssal Dagger replace
- Abyssal Bludgeon

Items with custom value:

- Dragon claws: 15K
- Eldermaul: 25K
- Dinh's bulwark: 25K

Reset without any value back:

- Leaf-bladed battleaxe
- Twisted Buckler

+ Shop Adjustments & Sigmund Adjustments

You can now sell your skilling materials to Sigmund!

- Jar of Decay priced reduced to 50K blood money.
- Ancient embles sell price to sigmund reduced.
- Dragon warhammer from 1250 to 7500 blood money.
- Abyssal tentacle from 3000 to 5000 blood money.
- Saradomin Godsword from 15000 to 20000 blood money.
- Armadyl Godsword from 50000 to 75000 blood money.
- Abyssal Bludgeon from 10000 to 12500 blood money.
- Heavy Ballista from 15000 to 20000 blood money.
- Armadyl Helmet from 8000 to 10000 blood money.
- Armadyl Chestplate from 10000 to 12500 blood money.
- Armadyl Chainskirt from 10000 to 12500 blood money.
- Armadyl Crossbow from 12000 to 15000 blood money.
- Toxic Blowpipe from 20000 to 25000 blood money.
- Archers Ring from 2000 to 2500 blood money.
- Tormented Bracelet from 15000 to 20000 blood money.
- Necklace of Anguish from 15000 to 20000 blood money.
- Amulet of Torture from 20000 to 25000 blood money.
- Amulet of the Damned from 25000 to 30000 blood money.
- Occult Necklace from 3500 to 5000 blood money.

+ Shop Additions

- Added Mithril Seeds to blood money shop.
- Added Avernic Defender to blood money shop.
- Added Dragon Claws to blood money shop.
- Added Mystery Box to wilderness slayer shop.
- Added Slayer shop items to wilderness slayer shop.
- Added Max Cape to cape shop.
- Added Zamorak brews to blood money shop.

+ Bug Fixes & Small Additions

- We've fixed an issue with bloody volcano not spawning after a while.
- Timers are properly working now.
- PvP skins unlock fixed.
- Added Max cape back to cape shop.
- Dragon claws is now obtainable from the master bloody key.
- Dragonfire ward always being kept on death fixed.
- Charged wyvern shield always being kept on death fixed.
- Ring of suffering to drop on death.
- Hero Pickpocket from 50 blood money to 25.
- Decreased the XP gained from Hero pickpocketing.
- Few revenant monsters added to slayer tasks.
- Slayer task cancel fee from 5000 to 2500 blood money.
- Added Dark Crab fishing spots in the wilderness.
- Added Shark fishing spots in the wilderness.
- Chinchompa spawns at North-East of Banditcamp.

+ Credits Store

- Removed Mithril Seeds from credit store.
- Reduced the dice bag price to 250 Credits.
- Added Ancenstral pieces to Credits Store.
- Added all Raids 2 items to Credits Store.
- Added Spirit Shields to Credits Store.

We apologize due to the long maintenance, we've came across every little issue that could have been wrong. Double blood money is enabled and we'll host a few events.
This will be the only time maintenance will take so long. From now on, updates will be smooth. Thank you all!
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Absolutely insane Dayum Son, it was worth the wait keep updates like this coming. Just Wow.

Great Work Staff team!

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