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    Buckle up, it's update time.

    Superior Slayer Realism & Economy
    Not sure what to spend you Slayer Points on? No more! For only 150 points you can now unlock 'Bigger & Better', which introduces new superior variants of your favorite slayer monsters. After unlocking this perk, you'll have a 1/200 chance for a supreme slayer monster to appear. It's completely yours, so don't worry about others attacking it. The following monsters have supreme variants:
    • Crawling hand
    • Cave crawler
    • Rock slug
    • Pyrefiend
    • Bloodveld
    • Jelly
    • Cave horror
    • Aberrant spectre
    • Dust devil
    • Nechryael
    • Abyssal demon
    • Dark beast
    • Smoke devil

    If you're lucky enough to get one to spawn, you'll find yourself rewarded if you're strong enough to kill it. It drops three times the normal variant's drop table, and has a chance on dropping the Imbued Heart...

    Imbued Heart
    Being a 1 in 8 drop chance at any Superior Monster's unique drop table (whose rarity is dependent on Slayer level requirement), the Imbued Heart is an ever-lasting magic boosting item which temporarily increases your magic level by 1 + 10% and can be used every 7 minutes. No need to bring magic potions anymore, as with this heart you'll have endless supply!

    In other news
    • The combat of Smoke Devils has been fixed to make it not stack two hits;
    • The Kalphite Queen should no longer despawn forever;
    • The Iron Man icons now properly show in the clan chat;
    • A bug has been fixed when spam click thieving NPCs;
    • Spam clicking thieving stalls now works properly;
    • A bug with hunter where traps would expire prematurely is fixed;
    • Ward upgrade kits can now be purchased from the Emblem Trader for 250 Blood money;
    • The Dust & Mist battlestaves are now obtainable;
    • The quest tab now shows how many slayer task monsters you have left;
    • Block animations now take correct priorities;
    • Combined items now have proper Blood money values;
    • Issues with teleporting out of the fight caves have been fixed;
    • Breakable/degradable items will no longer break when dying in safe situations;
    • Crystal seeds can now be bought from the shop and inbued into a bow, shield or halberd (new!).
    • You can now right-click the Ancient Altar to quickly change spellbooks;
    • Hardcore Iron Men now lose their status to Zulrah.

    As always, we hope you enjoy this update and are eager to receive your feedback!

    All the best,
    The OS-Scape team.
    Please do not direct any support questions to my inbox. My time is scarce and I prefer to focus mostly on new content and game improvements!
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