[ALL] 12/16/2016: Blessings, Broadcasts & Voting

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    Alright, update time. Here we go.

    Blessings World 1 & 3
    This is something we're very excited about to announce. With this update, you'll notice that we've introduced Blessings. Blessings are passive buffs concerning a specific skill or activity that greatly benefit that piece of content, and even make it more active and promoted community interactivity. They are changed (and announced) every hour, and you can find the active blessing on World 3 in the Quest Tab. Clicking on the blessing will tell you what it does, and how long it has left.

    The different blessings we have are:
    • Bloodlust: Double experience gained when fighting monsters in any combat style.
    • Arcanist: Double experience gained when casting non-combat Magic spells.
    • Necromancer: Double experience gained for each bone buried. Only applies to burying.
    • Mercurial: Double experience gained when training Agility.
    • Handyman: Double experience gained when training Crafting.
    • Highstrung: Double experience gained when training Fletching.
    • Bloodshed: Double experience gained when training Slayer.
    • Artemis' Gaze: Double experience gained when hunting creatures.
    • Iron Veins: Double experience gained when mining ores and essence.
    • Forger: Double experience gained when smelting and smithing.
    • Triton's Gift: Double experience gained when catching fish.
    • Chef's Delight: Double experience gained when training Cooking.
    • Heartfire: Double experience gained when training Firemaking.
    • Lumberjack: Double experience gained when training Woodcutting.
    • Greenfingers: Double experience gained when training Farming.
    • Alchemist: Double experience gained when crafting runes.

    Skill Benefits
    • Infiltrator: Pickpocketing and stealing from stalls will go unnoticed.
    • Sun's Bounty: 50% chance to conserve a herb or secondary ingredient when brewing potions.
    • Nature's Gift: Greatly increased Farming harvest, and 50% chance to conserve seeds.
    • Prospector: 50% chance to mine two ores, increased mining speed and faster rock respawn.
    • Goldsmith: 50% chance to conserve an ore or bar and increased smithing and smelting speed.
    • Clear Water: 50% chance to catch an extra fish and only the best available fish is caught.
    • Cuisinier: No food will be burned when cooking any type of food.
    • Pyromaniac: 50% chance to conserve a log when burning.
    • Brightwood: 50% chance to get an extra log when cutting wood.
    • Predator: Increased chance to attract prey to your Hunting traps.
    • Fable: Increased chance for superior slayer monsters to spawn.
    • Runesmith: Double runes gained from Runecrafting.

    PVM related
    • Untamed: Double boss monster drops, no kill count requirement for God Wars and increased boss pet drop rate.
    • Tomb Raider: Increased barrows loot chance and supplies amount.

    • Obdurate: Run energy does not drain.
    • Devotion: Prayer drains at half the normal drain rate

    Although this is currently only available on World 1 & World 3, we're coming up with similar benefits for the PvP server.

    When you manage to kill a boss monster and get a rare drop from it, it'll now be broadcasted to the world. There's no better way to show off your hours of grinding were finally rewarded, right? This update affects all worlds and is immediately available. Not all drops are announced, such as abyssal whips or black masks, but the more exclusive drops (such as sigils, hilts..) will be announced.

    In the future, based on your feedback, we may tune this system to include more (or less) items or even a broader variety of achievements, such as mastering a skill or maxing out.

    Voting World 2
    We've (finally) fixed voting, which means that you should be able to get rewards from your votes from now on. Old votes that were not claimed should now be claimable so no votes were lost in the process. We're also working on voting on World 3, so you should expect to see that coming up soon.

    In other news
    • Deleting of certain presets should no longer break;
    • The grand exchange shortcut has now been tweaked to match 07;
    • A bug with dying at Zulrah giving everyone Iron Man rank has been fixed;
    • The announcement timer has been fixed (sorry!);

    There's some awesome content upcoming. While there's a lot of bugfixing going on to improve existing content, we're also working on new pieces of content on all worlds. First and foremost, Christmas is upcoming! On World 2, there's a new piece of unique content approaching involving blood and keys. Head over to Oziach's house for a preview and some lore. The issue tracker for World 1/3 is heavily oriented towards Slayer and PvM, but also has some great things in it unrelated to PvM. Stay tuned!
    Please do not direct any support questions to my inbox. My time is scarce and I prefer to focus mostly on new content and game improvements!
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