OS-Scape Official Realism Rules
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    Please keep in mind that as a general view, anything in bad taste can be punishable.

    1. Respect staff members and listen if they ask you to do something. (Staff: Administrators, Moderators, Helpers)
    2. Respect ALL members of OS-Scape. Certain situations are acceptable (i.e. having a joke with a friend and a third person reporting you for it).
    3. Flame and aggravation:

      • 3a. Excessive profanity is prohibited. This means that we are okay with the occasional swear word but if you direct it at someone in a flaming manner or use it excessively then you may be muted. There may be a bit of leniency due to the competitive nature of PvP.
      • 3b. We understand banter but PLEASE don't flame each other in terms of race, religion or political views. We would like to have a respectful and fun community at OS-Scape and breaching the boundaries posted above is not conducive to that.

    4. Advertising: Do not advertise any websites or other private servers.
    5. Bug abuse: Any bugs or glitches to your advantage are not allowed. If you do find any bugs or glitches, please report them in the appropriate forum section.
    6. Account hijacking: absolutely NOT tolerated. If anyone is found breaking this rule, their accounts will be banned.
    7. Impersonation: Pretending to be a staff member will result in immediate ban, possibly leading to any accounts linked to that IP being banned as well.
      Having a username similiar to a current member's name will result in a ban. User is allowed to wipe the account, but if caught doing, no chances of refund/wipe will be given/allowed.
    8. Excessive begging: Excessive begging is not allowed and may result in a mute depending on the circumstances. We understand the game can be hard, but other people have worked hard for their items too.
    9. Item scamming: We will not tolerate deception to unfairly obtain items in any way.
    10. Autochat abuse: Plain and simple, don't abuse the autochat. You can use autochat for trading purposes, even advertising your stream. But please do not use autochat with evil-minded intentions.
    11. Real-world trading:
      • 11a. Swapping gold: selling or buying any of the OS-Scape currencies is strictly prohibited.
      • 11b. Selling or buying accounts: prohibited.

    12. Macroing: We do not allow botting, punishment will follow if detected.

      Breaking any of these rules may result in punishment. If you were punished, please head to the appropriate section to appeal the punishment. (Help Desk)

    12. Excessive AFK training: will result in being kicked the first time. If continued, the punishment will get worse, as there are possibilities that you're macroing (rule 7), the more you break this rule, the more severe action taken towards your account: The first time you will be kicked, if you are found doing this a second time you will be moved away, for a third time you will be jailed.

    12A. Splashing, Splashing is strictly prohibited, first you will be kicked, a second time you will be teleported away from the area, a third time you will be jailed.
    12B. AFK (letting auto-retaliate attack for you) Training at any Slayer task location for more than 5 minutes, will result in a kick, then being teleported away from the area, a third time you will be jailed.
    12 clarification: Leaving your account to auto-retaliate and healing every 3-5 minutes, counts towards excessive AFK training, along with areas where you do not need to heal.

    13. Ragging, if you are in the wilderness with no risk and 1 item trying to attack someone repeatedly will result in a punishment.
    13A. To qualify as a ragger the player will have had to repetitively try and attack you with no risk to prevent you or another player from PKing or bossing in the wild.
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