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    Yes it seems very basic, but a lot of people struggling with adding the correct link with image tags, so i'll show how.

    First, download a screenshot software.

    Click here to download Gyazo or Here for lightshot

    Next use the "prt sc" button on your keyboard or open the program and select the region to screenshot.

    If using gyazo, it'll automatically open a link in your browser.

    If using lightshot, you'll have to press Ctrl + D.

    Once uploaded, open the url and right click the image and copy the image url like below

    Then post that image inbetween image tags like below

    Or have the forums do it for you by clicking the "Insert Image" button

    Then posting your image's url

    And there you have it, a nicely cropped image!

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    If you need any help do not hesitate to send me an inbox or a pm in game.

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