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  1. This is a huge thing for alot of people! Nice guide brother!
  2. It's Kkr i changed accounts since i enjoy playing ironman way more.
  3. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. CONSTRUCTION GUIDE: To start Construction u will need to buy a house. U can do this by talking to this Npc and this will cost you '1k Blood Money'. *Note: HE IS LOCATED AT THE PORTAL WEST OF EDGEVILLE BANK: *Note: EVERYTHING U WILL NEED FOR CONSTRUCTION IS FREE AND CAN BE BOUGHT AT THIS LITTLE FELLA: From Level 1 - 30 you will need to get 'Bagged plants'. You enter the portal in 'Build Mode' and start planting the plants. (The room you will need for this is the 'Default' room next to the Portal). After you hit Level 30 you can go ahead and plant 'Bagged Trees' until Level 63. *Note: MAKE SURE YOU BRING A 'HAMMER' AND 'SAW' FOR THE FOLLOWING LEVELS! After you hit Level 63 you can make urself 'Marble Fireplaces'. Each Fire place will cost you 1 'Marble block' You will do this untill you hit Level 79 (The room you wil need for this is also 'Default' but it's the room north of the portal. When u hit Level 79 you will need to build a new room. U can simply do that by right clicking any door and press 'Build'. Make the room called 'Formal Garden'. This will cost you '750 Blood Money' to build. You are going to make 'Marble Walls' all the way to Level 99. You can simply do this by right clicking the 'Fence Space' next to the door. Each 'Marble Wall' will cost you 8 'Marble blocks'. If u want to be a little geek and get 200M Construction (Like me on my normie account) make sure to do the following: Build yourself another new room. The room you will need to build is called 'Throne Room' and will cost you '1500 Blood Money' to build. Your going to make 'Demonic Thrones' all the way. Each 'Demonic Throne' will cost you '25 Magic Stone'. HAPPY BUILDING! Feel free to comment if you got any other methods and ill make sure to add them in!
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