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  1. Beautiful guide, I hope to see more future guides if you plan on sharing more of your insights/knowledge.
  2. Congratulations to the promotions, as well it's sad to see some other staff member's leave the team. Here's to the future of the OS-Scape staff team 🍻
  3. Absolute hype, I cannot wait to give this a shot 🙂. Keep up the great work and awesome updates.
  4. Benjamin


    doing great thanks for asking. How are you doing Vasa.
  5. Below here I have posted the current offer in the Grade Exchange for buying an Arcane SS and buying a DWH. I've recently bought an Arcane from a player for an offer of 390k BM + DWH (199k) + Zamorakian spear, without including Zamorakian spear my offer for set arcane was 589k, that's fairly close to the current grand exchange buy offer price. if I chose or not to chose to sell at 700,000 Blood Money +, it's simply supply and demand.
  6. I'd like to thank-you for the review submission upon myself, I'd like to make note that I don't make prices🤪. I buy items for what I'm willing to pay for them, if you claim I'm taking "Advantage Of Position" you can simply sell to another player/grand exchange. you don't need to willingly sell items to me, I'll happily buy from someone else/grand exchange. May you have a delightful evening.
  7. Thanks for the positive review and warming words. Hopefully I'll conquer this corporal beast... maybe one day I'll see the beautiful Elysian Sigil on the floor of the beast's cave.
  8. AYO more great updates, Keep em coming PLS ;-D, can't wait to attempt to kill this boss.
  9. Great fixes/updates, always so frequent, it's quite nice tbh :-D, keep up the awesome work.
  10. Awesome updates, love seeing the quick fixes, keep up the great work man!
  11. Great updates once again, hyped to see what's to come, keep up the great work ; - ).
  12. ABSOLUTE HYPE, keep up the great work with these awesome updates 😄
  13. Thanks for the in-sight into the 1-99 fishing grind I still need to complete. Hope to see more guides, keep up the great work.
  14. Great update once again, I love the hard work that’s being put in and produced. It’s quite impressive, cannot wait until COX is revealed 😳😳.
  15. Congratulations to everyone that has been promoted, respect for all them OG's already staff. Personally I cannot wait to be working within the OS-Scape staff team, bright future ahead.
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