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  1. Very useful. Appreciate all the time and effort you put into this. Brilliant work.
  2. All publicity is good publicity 📷
  3. At least get your facts right. Lily is a 26 year old male who names his account after his 1 year old daughter because he is a big fan of hers. The whole game is role playing but It's simply an account and a name? Thanks for your useless feedback though
  4. This attempt to help someone regain access to their account has gotten outa control. I hereby rename this thread. The lily appreciation thread 😄
  5. +1 lily is a very cool person
  6. Hey I love the suggestions, I too have suggested a couple similar to yourself. Hopefully soon there will be a few updates that us irons can enjoy 😉 I'm sure it won't be long. Keep grinding, Lily.
  7. You have my support. I always see you helping out. And whilst some people get mad / whine about not having there application approved, you simply carry on with it. Keep up the good work, it is noticed and appreciated. +1 from me.
  8. Regarding that forgotten password. no did not regain access as the email i used was fake 

  9. Lily


    this is because they all suck at pking ;D just kidding but this is not good, I'm sorry you've experienced this, I do appreciate your feedback personally. Thankyou!
  10. @OnlyFans A very well written out piece. Your feedback along with everyone else's really does mean a lot, and I'm glad you've had a positive experience with myself. I do try to always put my best foot forward. Hopefully some day soon we will see your name above as you are equally as helpful as the majority. Again, thank you for the time and effort you put into your feedback. Lily
  11. Lily

    feed back

    Thanks @lul glad I could be of some help:)
  12. Lily


    @Stl Arrow appreciate your feedback my man. Means a lot 🙂 glad I could be of some help.
  13. As we all know this is a PvP server. There is however a big iron community, the "iron cc" alone boasts 30 active members. These are a few ideas to make our experience that little bit more enjoyable. - As mentioned before. Cannon balls in the slayer shop. - Sacred eels to allow ironmen another way to gather zulrah scales. - Allow $crolls to be used on ironmen as a lot of us have main accounts we gamble on and would like to gift our irons with donator status. - Boost the rewards for irons to use votes on. Even as simple as zulrah scales and cannon balls. - Boost rewards for irons to use donator points on. Again once ranges are recieved from medium casket there really is no use for an iron to donate further. More to follow. Thanks for looking.
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