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  1. Yeah Craig just banning half the pop for no reason. Goodluck though @Trick @Raw Envy
  2. supported. bullshit, i never RWT's why would i sell fucking 1m when i have 250m bank
  3. proof is that I have discord friends that RWT. Leave the server while you can boys. I RWTd 300k from my 200m bank. Such a shit show.
  4. Extremely unprofessional handling of a ban. To start off, I am 100% innocent and have never RWT'd on this server. Those who gamble have saw me in over 2k FPS, Hosting, and giving away money to a bunch of people since the server launched. I messaged @Craig on discord after randomly seeing my account was banned. He told me it was for RWT and I was welcome to appeal on the forums. I proceed to follow his instructions, he says "you have been caught RWTing, you can get unbanned if you wipe the majority of your wealth". I decline his offer because, like I said, I have never RWTd on this server. I ask him to provide proof of my "RWTing", @Craig proceeds to call me a liar and re-state that I must wipe my account to be unbanned. How is this the server standard for permanently banning someone? I have played the server from day 1. Made all of my money in the duel arena staking/flower pokering/hosting and many can vouch for that. To provide no proof and insult someone by calling them a liar is extremely unprofessional and will not bode well for the future of the server. Unbelievable. @Raw Envy @Trick
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