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  1. Bob

    Raw IS BACK

    Gonna be such a good release, Welcome!!
  2. Welcome mate 😄
  3. Bob


  4. Definitely won’t man, looking very promising
  5. Bob

    Hello all!

    Haha, welcome mate
  6. Hey Everyone! My name is Ryan and I’m from the UK! So excited to see OS-Scape making a return, I played back in 2016 and was by far my favourite RSPS in terms of PvP content and OS-Scapes great combat system. Hope to see everyone In-Game when it’s released! Bob
  7. Bob

    Y3ll here

    Welcome! I'm so excited to see OS-Scape return, Had so many great memories playing. You should join the OS-Scape discord for more information: https://discord.gg/dshQTFQHAJ
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