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  1. Posted an appeal a week ago.. maybe staff can check it out???

  2. Lets have a select amount of players beta test new updates like COX so we dont have a *release* 3 times for the same update?
  3. Been Waiting for that dragon plate orn! woohoo
  4. Great update once again! keep up the good work
  5. *insert LET ME IN meme*

  6. cant get the client to load goes blank half way threw loading

    1. Lukepvp


      im getting the same stuck at 8% loading title screen

  7. Hyped! so good to be back and at the perfect time it seems like! i have played/moderated/administrated several rsps servers back in the day Goodluck to all! yall better be ready to get k0'd in the wildy! much love -AMC
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