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  1. Insane work, hopefuly this will help people who are looking to find estimates of prices.
  2. These will make cox alot more do-able, thank you guys for the hard work as always. Can't wait for TOB and the Clan Cup!
  3. Hey Chris im Chris aswell. Enjoy your time here!
  4. Boss looking good, sweet update!
  5. Did my cape lightning speed, thank you 😄
  6. Please join the discord server to stay updated on the server status, server is currently down. The devs are trying to get it up asap. https://discord.gg/NSxa9A3X
  7. Once again thanks for the good and frequent updates!
  8. Welcome Lebrel, enjoy your time here 😄
  9. Thanks for the quick fixes!
  10. Great updates, time for chambers 😎
  11. Solid looking guide! Thanks for putting in the effort, i'm sure some people will use this.
  12. Great updates, i'm so ready for chambers!
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