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  1. Hey Greg, pleasure to meet you. See you in-game on release 🙂
  2. The goosebumps are real. Can't wait. Great job to everyone involved.
  3. Welcome brother, enjoy your stay and look forward to seeing you on release!
  4. I never played OSS how ever I look forward to new beginnings, I've heard nothing but great news about the old OSS so definitely excited for the re-release!
  5. Dylain

    Goodbye everyone

    Get cleared. I know you're not leaving so soon, nice try though.
  6. Let's get it popping! Welcome to OSS.
  7. Dylain

    Wych's Intro

    Ah, the good ol' Battlescape era. Reminds me of the good days. Welcome to OSS mate.
  8. Seen you around before, It's heart warming to see a familiar face. Best of luck on release with your goals and achievements!
  9. Yo what's up buddy, welcome to OSS.
  10. It may seem like a lot to some, but graphic designers can charge anywhere between $100 - 200 per hour for contracted work, 30 euros seems relatively cheap to me depending on the quality, time of delivery and so forth. Great work @Pim - Will be in contact closer to release. Best of luck with your store!
  11. Dylain


    I'm confident we're all excited for the re-release of OSS 😄 Nice to meet you fella.
  12. Hello & welcome to OSS. I'll see ya on the release day!
  13. Dylain

    Raw IS BACK

    Lets get it. Welcome brother
  14. Whats up, welcome to OSS 🙂
  15. Firm handshakes all around to each and every single individual that is involved with the release of Os-Scape. Looking forward to being apart of this community.
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