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  1. Polyester


    Thank you @S1n appreciate the feedback 😄 means a lot!!
  2. Thank you @OnlyFans it means a lot to me about this feedback because of course everyone has there ups and downs! Very well written post. Cheers 🤝
  3. Thank you @Stl Arrow Appreciate it fam ❤️
  4. Welcome to Os-Scape brother, you can always reach out to me in game, forums & discord for any help, my name is polyester on all 3 platforms. Welcome!
  5. Very nice, looking forward to all this wonderful content!
  6. Nice guide fume, Very well organized +1!
  7. Nice, love to see the updates, Thank you!
  8. The server is being currently updated, As far as you said its been saying updating for days, Not quite sure are you able to connect to our discord?
  9. Good Luck buddy, I do know that Craig has stated this: You must have at least 2 videos made for OS-Scape before applying for this rank, and you must have at least 250 subscribers as well as 400+ views. continue the great work and build up your subscribers base a little more.
  10. Great job guys, looks good let’s keep rolling them in 😄
  11. Welcome to the server @Lebrel Make sure to check out the "help" cc or Pm me in game if you have any questions! - Polyester
  12. Good Luck brayden, keep up the great work 😄
  13. Thank you Raw, keep them coming!
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