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  1. @Niddy im sorry but this is such a simple qol update for ironmen, but that would make such a huge difference for us. Seems to be a trend that every iron suggestions just gets thrown aside. I fully appreciate that this is a pvp server, but ironmen make up a decent proportion of current player count, so surly a few iron related updates are warranted? I also understand that things have to be prioritised but again this seems like a simple qol update to me? No hate ment by this, just my thoughts.
  2. Could not agree more with all you have said Lily. Something to add to what you have said though, i think it would be cool to see ameth darts added. It does kind of suck that these seem like simple qol updates that just get disregarded. I get things have to be prioritised, but at the same time iron men make up a decent proportion of player count to warrant a few iron qol updates imo. +10000000
  3. I really wish this would be added, a lot of ironmen are all for this. +1
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